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The roll Covers for Spa is a user-friendly cover. It makes it much simpler to manage the cover shut and open. Its introduction is popular with those looking for a new cover that is less heavy and simpler to operate. Safeguard your swim spa with the Rolling Swim Spa Cover. Its easy rolling and unrolling feature ensures effortless protection. This secure and insulating cover keeps debris out and helps maintain temperature. It also has an obvious benefit- keep water from absorbing!

  • Best material, recognized by ASTM
  • Closed and opened quickly
  • It is stored conveniently
  • 8 Locks, plus security


Easy Rolling and Unrolling:

With the rolling swim spa cover, you can effortlessly protect and uncover your swim spa. Its innovative design allows for smooth and easy rolling and unrolling, eliminating the hassle of manually handling a heavy cover. Simply roll it open or closed with minimal effort, saving you time and energy for more enjoyable moments in your swim spa.

Secure and Insulating:

This cover provides excellent protection for your swim spa. When closed, it forms a secure barrier, keeping out debris, leaves, and other unwanted elements. Its insulating properties help to maintain the temperature of your swim spa, reducing heat loss and energy consumption. With this cover, you can enjoy energy-efficient operation and a clean swim spa environment.

Durable and Weather-Resistant:

Built to withstand various weather conditions, this rolling swim spa cover is constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials. It is designed to resist fading, cracking, and deterioration, ensuring long-lasting performance and aesthetics. Whether it’s under the scorching sun, heavy rain, or freezing temperatures, this cover will protect your swim spa and maintain its quality over time.

  • Are you concerned about the rapid decrease in service life of outdoor use?
  • Are you concerned about your child’s safety with no adult supervision?
  • Are you worried about the quality of products with no after-sales support?

There’s no need to think about anything that is mentioned above! !



This is a unique customized design of the rollable spa covers. These are OEM products made with advanced technology and made of particular materials. Its shape is based on an exclusive swimming spa. The width of the pool is decreasing from the middle to the edge. Support arms are going to have a different lengths. The foam as well as the outer skin is made to order cut. Therefore, we require your die-cut spa in order to verify the correct measurements as well as the radius.






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If bigger order, by sea.

Small amount: western union, paypal. Big amount:T/T, D/P, L/C, O/A

We offer FOB, you can find a forwarder in China, or choose our forwarder, but the cost is higher than yours.

Yes, generally, free sample for 1~2pcs, and the freight you need to bear.

Normally 20~35days after confirmed the order(if we have stock,one week)

We have CE, UL,ROHS,CSA,CUPC certificate.

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