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Spa Cover Lifter: Premium Hot Tub Cover Aid

Spa Cover Lifter

An essential accessory for spa owners in the modern spa experience, the spa cover lifter saves your time and energy by allowing you to open and close your spa cover easily.

By using a lifter, you can avoid damage to the cover when dragging it across the floor or against a wall, and next in this post we’ll introduce you to our Cabinet Mount Spa Cover Lift:

Excellent Quality Assurance:

The aluminum powder coating has a dense coating that is incomparable to the general aluminum profile surface treatment, and its coating adhesion, weathering resistance, flaking resistance, and stronger UV resistance are outstanding features that can ensure that you are more assured in the use of this product.

Strong Connection:

Our unit also comes with stainless steel and hardware, whose time-tested performance makes your use worry-free, with just the right amount of hardness and rigidity to make it very strong, durable and rust-resistant, and undoubtedly the number one choice for your spa pool cover lifter.


Innovative Installation:

The cabinet-mounted spa cover lifter is the perfect accessory for your hot tub that makes removing the cover easy and convenient. And this innovative hot tub cover lift of ours can be mounted directly on the spa cabinet, which not only saves space but also has a clean and smooth look.

Safe And Reliable Lifting Mechanism:

The cabinet mounted spa cover lifter is made of high quality materials for durability. The sturdy construction of the lifter can withstand the weight and size of most spa covers, providing a safe and reliable lifting mechanism for your spa experience.

The Economical Choice:

Because it is durable enough and has its own protection for the cover, this saves you money in the long run by reducing the cost of expensive cover replacements, avoids damage to the whole with the function of small parts, and makes the spa last longer with good bathing habits.

Convenience of installation:

A simple installation process can make your bathing experience easier and more convenient, our hot tub cover lift require only four steps to install the cover lifter, easy to operate and convenient process.

Perfect Privacy:

This model uses a non-opening cover to create a perfect privacy barrier, allowing you to relax and unwind during your spa treatment by enjoying a relaxing spa day all to yourself.

When using this product it is best to place the spa on the ground as there is a small amount of space at the back of the spa to complete the installation of the cover aid.

spa cover lifter

Wrapping Up:

As a manufacturer and supplier of bathroom fittings with 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the right hot tub cover lift for your spa, whatever your needs, choose Proway for a quality experience and we will create a more comfortable and sophisticated shower environment for you.

If you want to know more about spa components, welcome to visit our website, you can always contact us if you have any questions, thank you for your trust and have a nice life.

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