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Where should I place my hot tub? Right & Wrong Places

Where should I place my hot tub Right & Wrong Places

When we want to customize a unique hot tub, where should it be placed in the backyard of the home to ensure safety, beauty, and ease of use? Well, this blog will give you a closer look at the right and wrong places to place your hot tub, as well as the best of them.


Choosing the right location for your best hot tub is crucial to ensure safety, convenience, and longevity of the installation.


Safety is a top priority, and the location you choose must be able to fully support the weight of the hot tub when it is full of water, ensuring that the tub will not collapse and sink where it sits.

Principle of proximity – ease of use:

Regardless of the location, there is one important prerequisite: make sure that your hot tub happens to be close to an outdoor faucet and power outlets.

In addition, your hot tub also needs to be placed in a position where draining is easily accessible, as regular draining and maintenance are essential steps for your hot tub.

Easy to transport:

The channel should only be wide enough to allow the installer to move the spa to the corresponding position. The channel should be able to withstand the weight, which also provides for the maintenance and warranty of the spa in the future.

Private or windproof:

Many spa owners consider the privacy factor, and they choose a location with a windbreak to provide shelter from the elements, and sun, and a private spa experience.

The right place & notes

1. Deck:

It is feasible to place your spa on a deck, and it is the location where most homes or spa resorts will choose to place it.
To make sure your deck can withstand long-lasting gravity, you need a bit of data to know how well it can withstand it, generally speaking, pounds per square foot is under 50 to qualify.

First Calculation:

Load bearing = total square footage of deck used for hot tub * 50 psf (Pounds per square foot)

Figure 1 Load bearing calculation table
Figure 1 Load bearing calculation table

Note: This is the total deck-bearing weight, and you need to factor in all other weights besides the weight of the hot tub, such as other furniture placed on the deck, people walking around, etc.

Second calculation:

Know the total weight of your best hot tub (filled with water) and estimate if it is over 50psf.

Figure 2 Load bearing calculation table 2
Figure 2 Load bearing calculation table 2

Note: The above is an estimated result. Actual data may vary depending on the material of the hot tub, which can affect its weight. Therefore, as a precaution, you should consult contractors and engineers to avoid exceeding the load-bearing capacity of the hot tub.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Choose decks coated with a sealing layer to prevent deck corrosion and mold growth.
  2. There is also a modern, layered placement, that is, Elevated decks, which can form a visual effect of the hot tub embedded in the ground. 
  3. This time is no longer a deck load-bearing problem. Instead, the hot tub embedded in the deck is below the location of the load-bearing problem.

2. Patio:

You also have the option of putting the spa on your private patio, and one thing you need to consider is foundation load-bearing, which involves the selection of materials for the foundation.

Choice of foundation materials:

Concrete slabs, sleepers, bricks, and paving stones can all be used as building materials for foundations, the most common option is concrete slabs and they should be more than 4 inches thick. If choosing other materials, such as paving stones, you need to make sure that the paving stones you choose are at least 2 inches in diameter so that they can fully support the weight of a full-flooded hot tub.

Tip: If you choose pavers, it’s a good idea to lay a framing structure around the pavers for extra stability.

3. Gazebo:

A gazebo is also a good choice, it’s shady enough to avoid direct sunlight and protected from wind and snow, it’s a private and enjoyable location, and there are many automatic lifting gazebos available on the market for purchase now, the interior of the gazebo can even be customized with led lights on the header, and the gazebo is surrounded by a pull-away drop cloth, or you can customize the gazebo to be all-wooden, it’s a nice landscaping design.

Note: Even if you choose to place the hot tub in a gazebo, don’t forget about the foundation load-bearing issue beneath the gazebo. You can also opt for pouring concrete and then laying sealed boards for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

The wrong place

1. Soil:

A structure made purely of soil is insufficient to support a best hot tub weighing over 1000 pounds. Without any support measures, over time, the hot tub will quickly sink into the ground, rendering it unusable. Moreover, the materials and moisture in the soil may cause your hot tub to become damp and moldy.

2. Lawn / Grass:

Lawns are of course also wrong, they just have an extra layer of grass covering them over soil and don’t act as a stable support structure.

3. Small-diameter gravel

The gravel itself can be used for placing a hot tub, but gravel with too small a diameter cannot be used as a foundation material, because it can easily break under the weight of the hot tub.

Where is the best place to put the hot tub?

Now you are fully aware of which locations are good to place your best hot tub and also which locations are wrong. So where is the best place to put the hot tub?

Of course, it should be the exclusive location that suits you best! If your home has an existing deck with enough space, has been evaluated by a contractor and determined to be able to hold the weight of your hot tub (full of water + people weight), and has a water source and electrical outlets around it, then you can arrange transportation with delivery personnel. This would be the most affordable location out there!

Then spa owners with privacy requirements can choose to place it by a gazebo or windbreak.

Overall, you can find the perfect location that is uniquely yours, as long as it meets the conditions of safety, convenience, and a little bit of personalization!

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Real user experience

David previously customized a hot tub for his family of 4 to have a spa experience, when full of water the hot tub weighed around 2,000 pounds. He placed it in the garden patio of his backyard, close to the rear of his living room, and left ample space for pathways. 

He customized a DIY changing room next to the best hot tub so that even on a cold winter day, he can enjoy the ultimate spa experience without having to travel long distances to change from his room to where the hot tub is located, he says,

 “It’s an amazing feeling, and I think it’s a great design for what I initially had in mind. My initial idea was to have a minimalist and efficient spa experience.”

Final Thoughts

The main considerations are:

1. Load-bearing capacity

2. Impact of hot tub size on service pathways

3. Whether the location poses any risk of damage to the hot tub

4. Personalized requirements

It’s advisable to communicate with your contractor and meticulously design the setup to ensure safety.

If you wish to learn more about best hot tubs or purchase hot tub accessories, please contact us. We are a manufacturer with 24 years of experience in spa accessory manufacturing. We specialize in customizing spa centers tailored specifically to you.

 Feel free to reach out to us!

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