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Hot Tub Cover Benefits: Save Over $1,000 on Hot Tub Maintenance


If I hadn’t chosen the hot tub cover carefully, I might have spent over $1,000 on maintenance.

When purchasing a hot tub, you need to pay great attention to choosing a suitable hot tub cover to meet the needs of mildew, water, and dust resistance. You should know that if the protection of the hot tub cover is lost, it is not only a hygienic problem, but in serious cases, it could lead to the hot tub becoming unusable or even affecting human health.

If you stick around to read this article, I can guarantee you will realize how much money you can save if you choose the right hot tub cover ! ! ! 

In what aspects have I saved money?

1. Saves money on filter cleaner and replacement hot tub filters.(you can save about $60-$250).

2. Saves money on high-frequency use of hot tub chemicals (you can save about $25-$80).

3. Saves money on completely avoidable repairs (you can save about $250-$800).

First Aspect -Filter Cleaner Cost and Hot Tub Filter Replacement Cost

Saves money on filter cleaner and replacement hot tub filters.(you can save about $60-$250).

If you do not use a hot tub insulation cover, or choose an inappropriate one, dirt will fall into the outdoor hot tub. As time goes by, more and more dirt will accumulate in the hot tub. They can gradually work their way into the filter in your hot tub, seriously affecting the filter’s effectiveness. The filter that originally only needed to be replaced once a year can be replaced in advance to ensure that it is hygienic enough and will not affect human health.
You can see that the regular Spa Filter Cleaner – 1 Gallon on the market costs around $40-$50.
And the cost of replacing a filter is usually around $20-$30, with well-known brands’ filters sometimes reaching $100-$200

Hot Tub Cover Essential and Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Second Aspect – Chemical Costs

Saves money on high-frequency use of hot tub chemicals (you can save about $25-$80).

When rainwater or dirt gets into the hot tub, it disrupts the balance of chemical components in the water. There are 7 important chemical components in the hot tub, with two readings being particularly crucial: pH level and total alkalinity. Ideally, the pH level of the hot tub should be maintained around 7.4-7.6, and the alkalinity should be kept between 100-150 ppm under normal circumstances.
So when the balance of water in the hot tub is disrupted, the water quality deteriorates, causing changes in pH level and alkalinity in hot tub. Chemicals are then needed to restore the balance. pH increasers on the market range in price from a few dollars to tens of dollars, and the amount required varies depending on the size of the hot tub.

The main chemicals you’ll need to purchase are as follows:

  • Hot tub pH Increaser ($10-$25)
  • 2. Baking soda (used when pH and alkalinity are too low, $2-$10)
  • 3. Hot Tub pH decreaser ($10-$25)

In general, once the protective cover of the hot tub is lost, and it gets contaminated by rainwater or other dirt (such as insects, and leaves), it needs to be drained and refilled with clean water, along with adding a certain amount of chemicals to restore its balance. Bringing it back into a good water balance so it doesn’t damage people’s skin and eyes as well as the tub itself. However, this process leads to water wastage and unnecessary water expenses, along with frequent purchases of chemicals, which can add up.

Third Aspect-Maintenance Costs

Saves money on completely avoidable repairs (you can save about $250-$800).
Once the pH level of a hot tub is destroyed, either too high or too low, it can potentially corrode the components of the hot tub.
Commonly corroded components include:
Common parts that are easily corroded or clogged are as follows:

Jet and Jet Covers: This will cause the nozzle to leak or not work:

The price of jets from different manufacturers is different, with differences in functionality being a key reason for price variation. Generally, cheap replacement jets cost about $7-9 each with basic functions.More expensive replacement jets cost $50 to $60 each and offer additional features such as rain-like spraying. And we all know that many times, if the jet in the bathtub is not working, it means that more than one jet needs to be replaced at this moment. After all, there are more than one jets on the hot tub. Then the cost of replacing the jet will range from $80 to $200 .

Filter and heating pumps:

These are important parts of the hot tub, if they get clogged with dirt, the performance of the whole hot tub will be greatly damaged. Generally speaking, a cheap built-in heating pump can be purchased for about $90, but a slightly better one will cost $200-$500 .(Filter will not be repeated)

Water pipes and connections:

Once clogged, leaks and blockages are likely to occur. It will cost about $10 – $20, for example, $20 for a diverter pipe.

Lighting and illumination system:

Most hot tubs have lighting and illumination systems, and when corroded, the lighting becomes less effective or does not work at all. If the lighting system of the hot tub is broken, and the design of the hot tub itself is more responsible, it is difficult to repair it by yourself at this time, you need to call a professional to replace it, and the labor cost is not low, for example: just to replace a light bulb or a lighting component, the cost will need about $100 in labor costs. Browse more hot tub spa accessories.


I’m sure the readers who have browsed this far are well aware of how much unnecessary damage can be done if they don’t choose the right hot tub cover.
Hurry up and take action! Different regions and temperature environment should choose the appropriate hot tub cover, for example, the air humid area should choose the hot tub cover with stronger waterproof performance. If you want to know what material of hot tub cover is suitable for your hot tub, we will explain it in depth in the next issue.

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