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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best Hot Tub Covers

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Hot Tub Covers Top Tips and Reviews

Best Hot tub covers or spa covers can be of different types, sizes, shapes, and colors. Before you purchase one, you must know the accurate measurements, the required insulation level, and the type of cover you need. Besides, climate factors, the location of the tub, etc. are also crucial factors. 

No worries, we have covered every detail you will need to pick the best hot tub covers. So, keep reading- 

What Is a Hot Tub Cover? 

A hot tub cover is a lid placed on the top of the hot tub when it’s not in use. They are also known as spa covers.

Hot tub covers are made of thick insulated layers that trap the heat from the water. Thus, the water in the tub remains warm for a long time. So, you do not need to heat it frequently, which saves you electricity bills. 

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Benefits of Hot Tub Covers 

Heat Retention: The primary function of the hot tub covers is to retain heat from hot water.  They are made of insulated materials that trap the heat, maintaining a consistent temperature for a long time. 

Cleanliness: The spa covers to prevent dirt, debris, insects, or leaves from falling into the water. Thus, your water remains clean, and you can reuse it. This minimizes the frequency of tub cleaning and makes maintenance much more convenient. 

Energy Efficiency: When you use covers, the hot tub doesn’t require much energy to reach your preferred water temperature, reducing your utility cost. Thus, a hot cover is a cost-effective solution. 

Safety: The hot tub covers act as a safety layer for your hot tubs. This prevents any accidental fall of children or pets into the hot water, so you can ensure your kids are safe around the tub area. 

Water Reservation: Evaporation is a major concern that maximizes the refilling frequency of tub water. A hot tub cover is helpful in this case. It acts as a barrier between the water and the outer environment, so you need not frequently refill your tubs. 

Types Of Hot Tub Covers 

  1. Hard Hot Tub Covers 

Hard hot tub covers are best for outdoor uses. They are durable, waterproof, and highly insulated. These covers usually have a sloppy top that allows rainwater to slide down from the top. 

The major drawback is the heavy weight of these covers. Besides, they get heavier due to the accumulation of steam from the spa water. So we will have difficulty lifting them. 

Long LastingDurable Highly insulated Easy to clean Heavy
  1. Soft Hot Tub Covers

If you are looking for covers for indoor hot tubs, these are the ideal choice. Their soft and lightweight features make them suitable for folding and easy storage. 

However, these covers are too thin to provide sufficient insulation. Thus, you will need to heat the tub frequently, which increases the utility cost. 

Lightweight Easy storageAffordable No insulationIncreases utility cost 
  1. In-Ground Hot Tub Covers

In-ground hot tub covers are designed for in-ground designed tubs. Unlike regular covers, they don’t have large sides as these tubs are built-in within the ground. It only has a topper with foam cores to fit over the tub. Nevertheless, the most interesting feature of these covers is that you can walk over them; they have strong bodies.  

Sleek lookWalk-on capabilityLong-lastingMore expensive Heavy
  1. Automatic Hot Tub Covers

The automatic hot tub covers open and close automatically with the push of a button or the turn of a key. Unlike manual covers, they use a motor that removes or lifts the cover. These covers are highly insulated and last longer than traditional ones.

No manual labor neededSafe around kids & petsHighly insulated ExpensiveNeeds professional installation 
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Things To Consider While Buying Hot Tub Covers

Before purchasing a cover for your hot tubs, here are the facts to consider: 

Shape and Size:

Not all hot tubs are perfectly square, rectangular, or round. They may have curved edges or irregular shapes. If your hot tub covers are not of that definite shape & size, they  won’t fit well. Eventually, there will be gaps allowing heat to escape. 

To prevent this use measuring tapes to measure the length and width of your hot tub. Besides, you should also consider measuring the corner of the tubs using a carpenter square.

The skirting fit is also an essential consideration here. Ensure the skirt of the covers is long enough to cover the outer surface of the hot tub. 

Insulation: Thickness and Density:

The insulation capability of a hot tub cover depends on its thickness. These are made from heat-sealed polyurethane foam that traps the heat to keep the water temperature hot for a long period. The denser the foam, the more heat it can retain. A foam density of 1 to 2 pounds provides good heat retention.

A good-quality cover usually has a 1 to 5-inch thickness. Thicker spa covers have more foam density arranged to provide additional heat retention. However, in winter, you need thicker covers based on the weather conditions. 

On the other hand, thinner covers do not provide sufficient insulation, so they aren’t ideal for outdoor or winter climates. But you can use them for indoor hot tubs. 

Location Of The Tub:

Considering the location of your hot tub is crucial to ensure your covers last longer. Indoor locations require little protection due to no direct contact with outer weather. Minimal insulation is enough for indoor tubs. In this case, soft hot tub covers work great.

In contrast, outdoor hot tub covers must go through scorching sun, wind, rain, snow, and other weather considerations. That is why you need a well-protected spa cover for the outdoors. Hard or automatic hot tub covers are ideal for this location. 

Type of Vinyl:

When choosing a hot tub cover, I always prefer one with marine-grade vinyl for outdoors. They are highly resistant to UV rays, mold, mildew, and harsh weather. However, they are more expensive than other types of vinyl.

For an affordable solution, you can go for spa covers made of PVC vinyl. They are flexible and resistant to moisture and chemicals. But are not as durable as marine-grade vinyl. 

You will find a wide range of vinyl color options, so choose one of your preferences. Also, consider a mildew-inhibitor vinyl coating to keep away fungus or mold.

Climatic Factors :

All hot tub covers don’t have the same resistance level. For example- hick vinyl covers are more weather resistant than the thinner ones. So, if you use a lightweight, soft hot tub cover in a snowy climate, it will not be effective.

Here are some tips that you should follow while purchasing best hot tub covers for different climatic situations: 

Climatic ConditionRecommendation for Hot Tub Covers 
Summer Sun ( Extreme Heat)Due to extreme sun heat, hot tub covers can be damaged. To prevent this, buy covers with higher UV-resistant properties. 
Windy WeatherThe wind of fall might blow your spa cover away. Steel or aluminum reinforcements should be added to protect it. You can also look for such built-in features within the hot tub cover. 
Heavy SnowfallThe accumulation of snow adds extra weight to the hot covers. Buy spa covers with extra-thick vinyl to withstand this condition. 
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Additional Features

Apart from the above-mentioned crucial factors, it would help to look for additional features to help you choose the best hot tub cover. Here is what you need to consider:

  1. Spa cover cap

A spa cover cap is an additional layer of protection for your hot tub covers. It acts as a shield to protect the covers from heavy snowfalls or sunlight. Thus, the spa covers don’t come in direct contact with weather conditions. This makes the cover last longer.  

  1. Heat Seal

Heat seal is a special feature of best hot tub covers that improve their simulation. It consists of foam or rubber placed on the edges of the cover, ensuring a watertight bond between the hot tub and the cover. 

Thus, it prevents moisture from entering the tub or escaping the steam. Your spa water remains hot for longer, which further saves you utility bills and keeps the water warm. 

  1. Tapered Edges 

Water or snow deposition on hot tub covers can make them saggy and damage them. To prevent this, you must consider a tapped-edge cover. The top surface of the hot tub covers is usually not leveled. 

They have thicker centers and are tapped down towards the edges. This allows the water or snow accumulated on the cover to roll off. So, ensure you have this feature while purchasing a best hot tub cover. 

  1. Safety Locks

A safety lock feature is essential for spa covers if you have kids at home. This allows you to lock the cover so the children can’t get quick access to the tub. For this, consider four robust locks, one for each corner. Thus, it will prevent any accidental occurrence, keeping your kids safe.  

  1. Easy Grip Handles

A handle on the hot tub covers will help you remove and replace them easily. Always look for ergonomic handles that give you the proper grip to lift. 

  1. Reinforcement 

Reinforcement means adding additional structural support to spa covers. For instance, consider an aluminum or steel bar within the foam core of the cover for robust protection. This will enhance the cover’s weight-lifting capability.  Learn more about methods how to Drain A Hot Tub

Cover Lifter

Hot tub covers, especially hard ones, are heavy and may be difficult for a person to lift. It can also cause back pain. To get rid of this manual labor, look for a hot tub cover lift. It will assist you with cover lifting. 

For heavier covers,  hydraulic lifters are a powerful option. However, for lighter covers, you can choose spring-assisted lifers. 

Note that cover lifters don’t come with your hot covers. You need to buy them separately; it’s worth investing. 


Before purchasing any hot tub cover, research its market price. Compare different brands to get the best value. But remember, the pricing differs for size, insulation level, and design.

Depending on the quality, best hot tub covers usually cost between $50 and $12,000. However, a budget of $100 to $1,500 can get you a good-quality cover for your hot tub. 

When Should You Replace Your Hot Tub’s Cover?

  • Cracked Or Ripped Vinyl

If you notice any cracks on the hot tub covers, it will no longer provide adequate insulation. The heat will eventually come out of the cracks or ripped area. Besides, the foam inside the covers will soak water or moisture. Thus it will get heavy making it difficult for you to lift. 

This also causes safety hazards for kids as they can fall into hot water through these holes or cracks.  In these circumstances, replacing the cover is essential. 

  • Odor And Mold Are Growing

If you sense any unpleasant space in your spa covers, it can symbolize growing mold or bacteria. These can cause breathing disorders as you take in the smell. Cleaning usually won’t work to get rid of this. So, you will eventually need to replace the cover. 

  • Sagging

The primary cause of sagging in spa covers is the accumulation of heavy snowfall. This not only affects the cover’s performance but can also lead to leaks or cracks. In this case, you must replace the cover with a new one with reinforcement features.  

Spa Cover Maintenance Tips

  • Lock your spa covers after using it. This will prevent blowing out by strong wind. 
  • Never place any weight on the cover; it might get cracked.
  • Remove snow or ice accumulation on the hot tub covers. You better use a cover cap for additional protection. 
  • Use UV protection spray on your spa covers at least 2 to 5 times a year. This will keep your covers safe from harsh sun rays. 
  • Remove the cover once a month and air it out. This will prevent mold from forming.
  • Regularly clean the cover with mild soap. 
  • Store the cover in a clean and dry place when you are not using it. 

Best Hot Tub Covers Manufacturer: Hydrorelax Your Ultimate Solution!

Hydrorelax is one of the top-level spa cover manufacturers in China. We offer you a wide range of spa cover variations. Besides spa covers, we also have a spa cover cap and cover lifter for convenient use. 

You will get all types of covers from us, including outdoor, in-grown, roll covers, and more. We further offer customization facilities for any type of hot tub. 

In fact, if you are looking for bulk quantities for your business, Hyrorelax is the best choice. We also offer free samples for 1~2pcs. Besides, all our spa covers are CE, UL, ROHS, CSA, and CUPC certified. So, no concern with quality. Check our spa cover collection to pick the ideal one for your hot tub: 

Wrapping Up

Before choosing any best hot tub cover, consider if it’s an indoor or an outdoor tub. For indoor, soft spa covers are more suitable. But if you are looking for outdoor hot tub covers, go for hard or automated covers. Also, don’t forget to consider the climatic factor to pick the right cover thickness. 

Whatever spa cover type or design you choose, ensure its quality and durability. And for this, Hyrorelax spa covers are what you need. We have certified spa covers offering the utmost customization facility. We are open for B2F, B2B2C, and B2P business. So, place your order now!


How long do best hot tub covers last? 

Hot tub covers usually last three to four years, but with proper care, this span can be extended

Can you leave your hot tub uncovered?

Leaving hot tubs uncovered makes the water dirty. Thus, you need to clean the tub frequently. Besides, it also increases utility bills as you will need to frequently heat’ the water without a spa cover. 

How to clean hot tub covers?

Take off the hot tub covers and spray water on it. Use gentle soap and scrub the cover in a circular motion to clean it up. Once it’s done, rinse it with water and your covers will be cleaned. 

Is it okay to sit on a hot tub cover?

Sitting on the hot tub cover might break it, so adding additional weight is not a good option. 

Will the hot tub heat up with the cover on?

Yes, the cover on the hot tub will heat up quickly. Thus, using the cover while heating the tub will be energy-efficient.

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