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4 types of hot tub cover lifts: Brand & Price

best hot tub cover lift

When you have already searched for hot tub cover lift on Google, it means that you have been thinking about using such a handy utility. But most likely you have been browsing through the articles about it and a doubt has been filling your mind, is it worth it?

For queries like the above, you might want to ask them differently, that way you are likely to get a more accurate and quicker answer, for example:

Will it matter if I don’t buy a spa cover lift?

Is the hot tub cover lift expensive? That’s why I’m trying to ask if it’s worth it.

Then below we will talk about the different kinds of hot tub cover lifts, giving you a comprehensive understanding of their average prices and features, showing you all the various styles of lifts that appear on the market.

Round Spa cover lifts

There are lifts on the market that are specifically designed for round hot tub covers, and the most important feature that sets them apart from regular cover lifts is that they can give stable and even support to a specific round hot tub cover, which allows the round cover to be perfectly aligned without tilting as it is lifted and lowered.

  Additionally, since the support arms of regular cover lifts are usually straight and designed to fit the edges of straight-sided covers without being able to fully fit the rounded cover, the choice of a specialized round support frame can fully fit the curved edges of the rounded cover, reducing the risk of the cover slipping or being damaged.

The Average Price of Round Spa Cover Lifts on the Market

Cover Valet

Cover Valet CRX Round Spa Cover Lift: Designed for the round spa, this lift features sturdy construction and an easy-to-operate system, and is priced between $180 and $300.

Hot Tub Products

Round Spa Cover Lift: This product fits round spas of all sizes, is easy to use and durable, and ranges in price from $150 to $250.

Leisure Concepts

CoverMate Freestyle: Though not specifically designed for round spas, this model fits a variety of shapes, including round spas. it’s compact and easy to maneuver, and costs about $250 to $350.


UltraLift Undermount for Round Spas: This lift installs through a no-drill design for round spas and is priced between $260 and $350.

Hydraulic Cover Lifts

  Hydraulic Cover Lift hydraulics are generally a synergy of gas springs, dual piston hydraulics, and control valves, among other components, to achieve easy lifting and lowering of the cover.

  SpaEase currently sells a 200-2 Hydraulic Hot Tub Cover Lift that utilizes a dual piston hydraulic system “Reverse Pneumatic Technology (RPT)”.

  CoverMate III: utilizes a gas spring assisted system.

The Average Price of Hydraulic Cover Lifts on the Market

Basic Model

Provides basic hydraulic assist and is typically priced between $200 and $400.

CoverMate III price range: $300 to $400 for those on a budget but needing a hydraulic cover lift.

Leisure Concepts CoverMate I:

Price Range $200 to $300

This is a simple, basic, but very useful product for first-time buyers of a hydraulic cover lift.

Updated Model

With greater durability and a few extra features (e.g., better materials, sleeker design), prices range from about $250 to $500.

Cover Valet Pro:

Price range: $250 to $460

This model has a more rugged design and offers good hydraulic assistance for those who need a more durable product.

Features: all-aluminum construction, dual gas shocks, and a full center bar spanning the cover seam.

UltraLift Hydraulic Assist:

Price range: $280 to $400

Offers stronger hydraulic support and more durable materials, making it a mid-range option with a better price/performance ratio.

Features: Equipped with gas springs, the gas springs offset the weight of the cover, increasing your enjoyment and safety when using your hot tub or spa.

Premium models

Premium models typically feature top-of-the-line materials and advanced hydraulics, and may include additional features and personalization options. Prices can range from $400 to $600.

Cover Valet ProLift II:

Price range: $400 to $500

Featuring top-quality materials and advanced hydraulics, this model is for those looking for a high-end experience.

Features: One pneumatic gas shock lift for smooth operation

CoverMate Vanish XL:

Price Range: $480 to $600

This high-end model not only offers powerful hydraulic assistance, but also a sleek design and extra features for the most discerning user.

Features: Ultra-modern, sleek and compact design that visually incorporates the lift into the spa cabinet

Wrapping Up

Hydraulic cap lifts are, after all, different from regular lifts, and some require additional installation costs. And some manufacturers offer professional installation services and long warranties, which can also affect the total cost.


Holes to be drilled.

Most hydraulic lifts on the market require the mounting brackets to be screwed into the hot tub cabinet.

Cover Shelf 

Cover shelf generally only two simple right angle design steel tube, some are foldable, some this is a one-piece molding, they differ in the folding direction is different, fold horizontally or fold down, but either way, they can be perfectly close to the hot tub wall.

Cover Shelf 
Cover Shelf 

Average market price

Cover shelf’s price should be the cheapest among all lifts, with an average price of $50-$200.

Cover Valet:

Cover Valet Cover Shelf: This cover shelf is simple in design, easy to install and use, and costs approximately $60 to $100.

Cover Valet Cover RX: This is a more advanced cover that fits a variety of hot tub shapes and is priced between $100 and $150.

Blue Wave:

Blue Wave Low Mount Spa Cover Shelf: This fits most standard sized hot tub covers and is priced around $50 to $80.

Blue Wave Heavy-Duty Spa Cover Shelf: For heavier covers, priced between $100 and $130.

Leisure Concepts:

Leisure Concepts Cover Shelf: this cover shelf is designed for durability and fits a variety of cover shapes and is priced between $100 and $150.

Leisure Concepts Spa Side Shelf: This product offers good support and is priced between $120 and $170.


SpaEase 150 Cover Shelf: This is known for its stability and ease of use and is priced between about $80 and $120.

SpaEase 200 Cover Shelf: This is a sturdier version for heavier covers and is priced between $130 and $180.

Manual Hot Tub Cover Lifts 

In terms of mounting methods, Manual Cover Lifts have 3 types of mounting methods, namely: Top mount, Low mount, Undermount.

Top mount and Low mount Manual Cover Lifts require holes to be punched in the hot tub wall, while Undermount Manual Cover Lifts can be secured by the weight of the hot tub itself.

For example, the Spa Cover-Mate II – Undermount Lift, which currently retails for $229.95, has received very positive feedback from Barbara after her purchase:

“Bought this cover lift because we were getting tired of lifting the cover and sliding it behind the hot tub. we didn’t want to drill the tub, and picked design that slides under. it works great! We didn’t want to drill the tub, and picked design that slides under. it works great, looks great, and towel hooks are an added bonus. very happy with it!”

Manual Cover Lifts 

Comparison of Gap Between Hot Tub Cover and Hot Tub with Different Cover Lifts Installations

 AdaptationGap lengthMinimum side gap length
CoverMate Vanish XL  Maximum spa radius: 12 inch (~ 30 cm) Low-profile positioning provides a near zero-obstructed view 25 inches of clearance behind the spa5 inches on each side  
CoverMate I (Leisure Concepts)Fits spas between 78-96 inches in width and height. It will not work on Octagon, Round or Hexagon shaped spa cabinets. This universal side mount cover lift is ideal for hot tubs up to 90″ that have a solid frame on the side to mount the brackets to.  Does not fit M9, A9L, M8, and X6R spasClearance required – Rear 10″-15’’ (25 cm),It only requires 5 inches  Sides 4″ (10 cm)
CoverMate IIIFits spas between 78-96 inches in width and height.Requires just 6 inches of clearance behind the spa 5 inches on each side
COVER VALET TM  Fits spas between 78-104 inches in width and height.Rear Clearance: 6-8” (15-20 cm)Side Clearance: 2.5” (6 cm)
Cover Valet CRXFor round and octagonal spas with diameters between 78-84 inches.Requires only 16″ of clearance behind the spaAbout 6″
UltraLift Under MountMax Cover Width: 109″Clearance Required: 16″ rear 5″ on the Side 
UltraLift VisionliftMax Cover Width: 98″Clearance Required: 20 ” from the back 5″ on the Side 
SpaEase 200Fits spas between 76-96 inches in width and height.Requires 7” Rear ClearanceRequires 2” Side Clearance
SpaEase 150 169Fits spas between 76-96 inches in width and height.Requires as little as 18″ of clearance at rearRequires 4″ of clearance from each side

Final Thought

The above data comes from official information from major brands and retailer recommendations, sometimes users find that they can successfully lift and lower the hot tub cover even below this recommended gap, but still with the caveat that please be aware of the risk of this scratching of the spa cover.

Overall current lifts have allowed for a minimum side gap of only 2 inches and a minimum spa cover rear gap of only 6-8 inches.


Will it matter if I don’t get a spa cover lift?

After reading about the different types of hot tub stands mentioned above, you can get a very clear sense that they were originally designed for easy lifting of the hot tub cover.

As you can imagine without a hot tub lift, you will need to laboriously lift the cover without any leverage to assist you. In addition, over time, the hot tub cover that absorbs moisture from the air will get heavier and heavier, making it even more laborious to lift it, which greatly affects your ability to use the hot tub.

What can Hydrorelax offer?

Hydrorelax is a manufacturer of spa components for 24 years, offering cover lifts in a variety of styles and mounting options, and we have a long history of supplying products to customers in Europe and South America, offering 3D design and one-stop shopping.

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