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Hot Tub Components: Everything You Need to Know 2024

Hot Tub Components

A hot tub usually consists of countless parts and accessories, just the spa jet, may be equipped with 8-10. Open its interior, which is densely lined with a variety of piping, and equipped with pumps, suctions, as well as a variety of seals. What is the purpose of each of them? Can the spa components inside the hot tub be replaced? Are they universal? How do I find the right hot tub components?

Today we are going to take a comprehensive look at spa components and answer those questions!

What Are The Main Hot Tub Components?

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3 basic types of components:

Mechanical Spa Components:

  • Heater: an important part that heats the water in a hot tub.
  • Nozzles/Jet: There are many types of nozzles, including bubble nozzles, pulse nozzles, fixed-point nozzles, and rotating nozzles. After the water passes through the nozzle, it is ejected at a certain angle and direction through high pressure. Advanced nozzles are adjustable to meet the needs of different users.
  • Suction: It plays an important role in keeping the water circulating, filtering and heating. It allows the water to flow continuously, and also introduces the water to the heater to keep the water temperature within a comfortable range. The heated water is then returned to the bathtub to even out the temperature of the bathtub water.
  • Manifold: Connects to the hose and evenly distributes water or air to the different nozzles.
  • Pump: Responsible for pumping water out of the hot tub to circulate the water flow, it also ejects the water at high pressure through the nozzles, allowing the water to form bubbles that pass through the massage effect.
  • Valve: the main role is to regulate the size of the water flow into the hot tub and control the water temperature, control the water temperature needs one or more valves to achieve.
  • Shell: the shell of the hot tub can have a lot of materials as a choice, such as acrylic, vinyl, rotomolded plastic, etc., the service life of different materials will be different, after a long time, there may be cracks or rupture, need to be professionally repaired.


These hot tub components provide the basic functionality and comfort of a hot tub.

  • Cover: Hot tub covers are the perfect accessory for dust protection and insulation.
  • Control Panel: some have Bluetooth function, after connecting the cell phone, you can operate the cell phone to realize the function of controlling the temperature, jets and lights.
  • LED Lights: Provide lighting with brilliant RGB lights to add ambience and beauty.
  • Filter: capture pollutants and fine particles through the filter media, general filter media for fabric, paper.
  • Temperature Sensor: Monitor the water temperature and transmit the data to the control panel.

Maintenance Spa Components:

These spa components are used to keep the hot tub running and clean for the long term.

  • Chemicals: such as chlorine, bromine, hardness additives, foam inhibitors, etc., are used for water quality management and sanitization.
  • Cleaning Brushes: Used primarily to clean tub surfaces and jets, especially hard to reach corners and crevices around the jets.
  • Vacuum: Quickly removes impurities and dirt from the bottom of the hot tub.
  • Gaskets and Seals: Prevent water leakage inside the spa and keep the system airtight.
  • Water Testing Kit: Used to test the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels of the water.

spa accessories

What hot tub components need to be maintained and replaced?


Inspection and Replacement: Inspect annually and replace if necessary.

Maintenance: Check the working condition of the heater, remove scale and deposits to ensure heating effectiveness and safety.


Inspection and Replacement: Weekly inspection, monthly cleaning and replacement every 3-6 months.

Maintenance: Need hot tub filter regular cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and impurities, and periodic replacement to ensure filtration effectiveness.


Inspection and Replacement: Inspect annually and replace if necessary.

Maintenance: Check the operation of the pump, clean the debris around the pump to ensure that the pump runs smoothly and avoid rattles and leaks.


Inspection and Replacement: Regular replenishment and replacement.

Maintenance: Periodic addition of suitable chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, etc. to keep the water stable and clean.

Gaskets and Seals

Inspection and Replacement: Check every 6 months and replace if necessary.

Maintenance: Regularly check the condition of seals and gaskets and replace aged or damaged seals in a timely manner.


Inspection & Replacement: Check and clean monthly, replace as necessary.

Maintenance: Clean nozzles regularly to prevent clogging and to ensure a smooth flow of water. Check nozzle connections and seals to prevent leaks.


Inspection and Replacement: Periodically inspect the diverter tube and connections to ensure there are no leaks or damage. Replace the manifold or its connections promptly if you find any damage to ensure proper system operation.

Maintenance: Remove impurities and deposits from the diverter pipe to prevent clogging and poor water flow.

Bulbs and Lighting Fixtures

Inspection and Replacement: Inspect annually and replace when necessary.

Maintenance: Check the working condition of bulbs and lamps, replace damaged or aged bulbs to ensure the lighting effect.

Control Panel

Inspection and Replacement: Inspect annually and replace when necessary.

Maintenance: Check that the control panel buttons and displays are working properly and ensure that all functions are responsive.

Water Testing Kit

Inspection and Replacement: Use and calibrate regularly and replace as necessary.

How to Identify My Hot Tub Components?

Do it yourself to find or measure:


The well-made parts of the filter are usually at the top. If you can’t find them, measure the filter’s height, internal diameter, and external diameter. Go online to find a filter of the same size. Before buying it, ask the salesperson if the product is suitable for your hot tub.


Check the manual: Look for the hot tub’s owner’s manual or maintenance manual for the exact model and specifications of the nozzles.

Manufacturer’s website: Visit the hot tub manufacturer’s website to find replacement parts. Most manufacturers provide parts catalogs and avenues for purchase.

For some emergencies, such as when two of the hydrotherapy nozzles located on the back don’t work and you prefer a back massage to a foot massage, you can interchange them.

Also, some universal nozzles come with adapters to accommodate different models and sizes of nozzle connections. Make sure the adapter is compatible with the tub when purchasing.

Hot tub LED lights and fixtures:

Turn off the power and carefully remove the damaged bulb as instructed in the manual. Record the bulb’s make, model, wattage and voltage.

If you take the bulb off and find signs of rust on the inside of the fixture, consider if the entire fixture is still valid, and if it doesn’t come on properly with the correct bulb, you’ll want to consider replacing the entire fixture. Want to learn more about methods how to drain a hot tub?

Ask a professional:

Contact the salesperson or hot tub manufacturer, provide them with pictures as well as descriptions of the product, which will enable them to help you find spare parts for the same model of hot tub the fastest.

Find a professional hot tub repair company, especially if there are problems with pumps, pipes and control panels, do not disassemble the hot tub by yourself, which will easily cause irreparable damage.


Are hot tub components interchangeable?

You need to consider the specifications and size of the parts, brand and model, compatibility, and safety.

How do I find spa components with the same specifications?

Use the original parts, after you buy the hot tub, your manual will mark the model number and size of each part, if you are not sure, you can consult the professional maintenance personnel or the manufacturer, as well as consult the customer service of the hot tub on the official website.

Final Thought

Hydrorelax is a manufacturer specializing in hot tub components with 24 years of manufacturing experience, and has worked with many hot tub brand owners over the years to supply them with high quality, standard specification spa components. Please contact us for more information on our products if you need them.

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